Profashion Master Talk

“PROFASHION” is an abbreviation of “Profession” and “Fashion”. The master talk series aims to inspire students with new perspectives on fashion entrepreneurship and an up-to-date understanding of the fashion industry for career development. We hope to bring new industry insights and perspectives that better prepare our students’ job readiness.

Collaboration with POPCORN

A group of cultural creatives and industry experts, that range from fashion entrepreneurs, brand directors, magazine editors, marketing directors to fashion designers and celebrities, will be invited to share their experiences and views towards the challenges of the digital fashion environment and the future of fashion professionals.

Key Components

· Master Talk (Highlights and full interview) 

· Research publication

· Live-streaming broadcast

· Exhibition at STORE by PolyU Fashion Showroom 



1. Eric So (Creative Director of Papamamason)

Theme: Between Art and Commercial- The Fashion of Collectibles

Eric So is an renowned artist in Hong Kong. He is also an art toy designer and creative director of Papamamason. He is involved in a collaboration on 'Grendizer VS Mazinger Z'. In this interview, Eric shared about his views on the fashion industry and design journey.

2. Keith Murray and Hanni El Khatib (Chief Operating Officer and Chief Creative Officer of HUF) 

Theme: Skaters into Fashion: The Stories behind HUF

Keith Murray and Hanni El Khatib are the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Creative Officer of HUF respectively. Over the years, HUF brings a strong influence on skateboarding culture and street style. In this interview, the senior executives shared about fashion in skateboarding and the brand story of HUF.

3. TIAB (Founder and Designer of 1997's) 

Theme: Fashion Creatives in the Digital Age: The Story of 1997's

TIAB is a Hong Kong artist and founded his private streetwear labels "1997's" and “Project T”. Apart from his music career, TIAB is awarded as “40 under 40” in 2022, an annual celebration of Hong Kong’s most successful, innovative, and influential young people hosted by PRESTIGE Hong Kong. In this interview, TIAB shared his fashion journey on the brand 1997's and how it connects to music.

4. Julius Brian Siswojo (Founder of 8FIVE2) 

Theme: Skater Culture and Fashion in Hong Kong

Brian, aka JBS, is the founder of 8FIVE2 and a member of Hong Kong's well-known Hip-hop Band “24herbs”. He is also chairman of “All Hong Kong Skateboards Association” (AHKSA) As an entrepreneur in Hong Kong, Brian is also the founder of Handsome Factory, a renowned chain of barbershop in Hong Kong. In this interview, Brian shared about his relationship with skateboarding and how he promotes it through 8FIVE2.

5. Novel Fergus (Founder of YACK Studio) 

Theme: A Fusion of Hip-hop and Street Fashion in Hong Kong

Novel Fergus is the founder of the music label “Yack Studio”. As a creative artist in Hong Kong, Fergus is a rapper, tattooist, model, and fashion entrepreneur. Fergus is also known as a poet in Hong Kong hip-hop music, in which he integrates traditional chinese poems and slang in his lines. In this interview, Fergus shared about his creative journey and how hip-hop change his life.